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Converting your home from a septic system to a city sewer system is theoretically a very easy process. A contractor, with an “A”license, digs up the sewer pipe between the house and septic tank, intercepts and reroutes the sewer main taking the path of least resistance. An established home might have patios, a swimming pool, retaining walls, mature trees, sidewalks or driveways that can make the conversion a bit more complicated.

The cost of converting your septic system depends on distance, depth and obstructions in the path. Most homes can have their system converted in 3-5 days. Once the final connection is made, the septic tank must be pumped dry and the top is crushed into the tank which is then filled with dirt or rock. 

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Advantages of Sewer vs. Septic

* Increases a homes value. New buyers often use this as leverage against a seller when a house is on a septic system but sewer is available.
*Gravity is maintenance free. Septic requires periodic attention.
*Sewer systems are odor free. Septic often smells depending on prevailing winds, saturation etc.
*Cities ARE NOT septic friendly and often will not permit repairs to septic systems when the sewer is available.
*Cities WILL NOW permit pools, room additions, or remodeling when on septic if sewer is available.
Some of the reasons for this are:
Pollution of mother earth
Pollution of water tables (there are still homes on well water)
Problems / disputes between neighbors arising septic systems
Saturation during wet winters with rising water tables
Subsidence (homes sliding down the hill in California)

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